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Project Profiles D-K

We have outlined a range of our past projects to give you a sense for the range of our services. Call us anytime to discuss your project and we will often share the learnings to the extent possible.  

DelCor Technology Solutions, Silver Spring MD

Customer Research and Marketing Communications Plan. Conduct extensive user interviews and integrate with marketing communications strategies for an association technology company focusing on AMS selection and internal data, temporary analyst assistance, and help desk services. Summarized with review of customer satisfaction, competitive positioning. (February 2000)


Duane Reade, New York NY

Loyalty Marketing Pilot Program. Develop and launch a loyalty marketing program for customers of a New York City based drug store chain with 145 stores. Program contributed substantially to growing Duane Reade's annualized sales from $587 million to $1 billion in two years. Conducted preliminary assessment including analysis of best practices in supermarket industry, structured program finances; negotiated with a marketing firm for production, decision support development and system integration; performed sales presentations to manufacturers. Raised $1.5 million from corporate supporters to offset costs of implementation with sponsorship dollars. Co-developed marketing plan including media, electronic marketing, and card based in-store promotion. (September 1999)


Direct Marketing Association Nonprofit Federation

Needs Assessment Study. Conduct online survey to identify the needs of direct marketers within philanthropic/charitable institutions. (January 2005)

Conference Evaluations. Conduct a mix of online surveys among attendees and non-attendees to evaluate the content, marketing, and program design of annual conferences. (February 2003, 2004, 2005)

Monthly Giving Program Study. Conduct operational study among nation's largest philanthropic organizations to document their common practices in fundraising. (August 2005)


Electronic Retailing Association, Arlington VA

Collaborated with marketing agency in process of renaming and changing logo, conducted in depth interviews with association officer and other members, and responsible for altering dues levels for all members (2007)


Employee Benefit Research Institute, Washington DC

Managed membership acquisition tests and analyzed membership data in previous acquisition program (2000)


Employee Relocation Council, Washington DC

Managed membership acquisition tests and analyzed membership data in previous acquisition program (1999)


GAMA, Falls Church VA

Conducted extensive member and nonmember need surveys (2006)


General Association Studies

Market Study: Consolidation and Trade Association Membership. Developed a benchmarking database to measure the impact on finances and membership of losses in membership due to industry consolidation. Prepared full report for participants, presented results at ASAE Membership Marketing Symposium, and developed articles for ASAE publications (April 2000).

Association Membership and Marketing Department Structures Study. Conducted survey to document the operations of associations with regard to departmental structures, staffing, key issues, and performance. (May 2005).

Associate/Vendor Member Operational Study. Conducted survey to document the size, pricing, structure, and financial trends in associate member programs of trade and professional associations. (November 2005).


Heart Rhythm Society, Washington DC

Conducted extensive workforce analysis through surveys of electro-physiologists, basic researchers, allied health professionals, and manager of large institutions. Incorporated analysis of previous health care environmental studies, working with team of physician volunteers. Project resulting in academic journal publication. (2010)


HBA of Greater Houston, Houston TX

Conducted customized needs assessment for large regional building organization (1995)


HBA of Greater Tulsa, Tulsa OK

Worked with education planning staff and Tulsa area builders to identify the specific learning needs of building professionals. Developed a book-length report from the 'Tulsa Project,' gave national-level presentations and worked with curriculum developers to expand learnings into an approved, effective educational and training program for home builders, remodelers, and subcontractors (1995)


Howard Community College, Columbia MD

Industry Certification Program Survey. Conducted and analyzed the results of two surveys to measure student demographics and satisfaction with the program (November 2001).


Independent Office Products and Furniture Dealers Association, Alexandria VA

Conducted parallel membership surveys for OFDA and NOPA (2005)


Independent Electrical Contractors Inc., Alexandria VA

Conducted education and needs assessment survey among members of a federated trade association (2008)


Independent Office Products and Furniture Dealers Association (IOPFDA)

NOPA Industry/Market Study. Conducted global market survey of members and non-members for the Office Products Alliance, one of two major membership divisions of IOPFDA.

(November 2001)

OFDA Industry/Market Study. Conducted market survey for Office Products Alliance with marketing recommendations, and assessment of feasibility of new services. (November 2001)


Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT), Atlanta GA

Marketing Review and Program/Services Plan. Analyze and develop an organization-wide marketing plan including recommended new services, sunset and redesign of several existing programs, review of all marketing materials and development of new communications strategies and messages. (January 1998)


Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), Chicago IL

Member Needs Assessment. Conducted extensive needs assessment including specific questionnaires for current, lapsed, and prospective members for Chicago-based professional association. (September 1999)


International Association of Assessing Officers, Kansas City MO

Conducted a full review of association membership and overall business model (2008)


International Communications Industries Association, Fairfax VA

Analyzed series of membership surveys designed by their marketing agency (2005)


International Sign Association, Alexandria VA

Conducted three membership acquisition campaigns, launched “Member Get a Member Program”, conducted two active member surveys and a survey for lapsed and prospective members, conducted review of due and pricing resulting in changing dues structure, revised and revamped dues categories, reviewed and recommended changes to member renewal program, and conducted promotions for supplier conference (2008-2010)


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