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We have outlined a range of our past projects to give you a sense for the range of our services. Call us anytime to discuss your project and we will often share the learnings to the extent possible.  

Lee Building Industry Association, Ft. Myers FL

Surveyed to identify specific examples and constructive opportunities to work with voters and improve speed and performance of local zoning and approval offices to reduce bottlenecks in housing productions (1994)


Marine Technology Society, Columbia MD

Conducted quantitative and qualitative research among the members (2007)


Mathematical Association of America, Washington DC

Conducted survey evaluating potential joint membership with two competing associations (2009)


Minnesota Bar Association, St. Paul MN

Performed quick review of existing new member survey process, recommended refinement to process and design (2009)


NAHB Remodelers Council, Washington DC

Conducted extensive research and database activity to launch new conference eventually grew to 15,000 attendees and conducted annual cost of doing business survey (1992-1994)


National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS), Alexandria VA

Annual HR Practices Research Consortium. Designed and built a data collection and reporting system to deliver human resources data now used to guide the benefits, compensation and policies decisions of 40 participating domestic chains with over 800,000 employees.

In-store Consumer/Employee Research Program. Developed a pilot system for measuring consumer and employee perceptions through in-store kiosk technology. Developed final report to measure the relationships between customer satisfaction, employee attitudes, and store level financial performance. Implemented by seven regional operators with a collective $25 billion in annual sales.

Program/Service Feasibility Study Series. Conducted a series of studies testing the value proposition and forecasting the support for a series of programs including a new International Drug Chain Conference, a completely reformatted Fall Conference, cooperative chain programs in areas such as computer based training and shipping.

ChainDrugStore.net Launch Research and Plan. Conducted research including web usage analysis, quantitative user surveys, a study benchmarking the state of retailer technology, and a manufacturer focus group to develop user specifications for CDS.net, an internet based web portal and messaging system being developed as a startup company with a $10 million investment by NACDS.


National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), Washington DC

Association Services and Income Study Series. Developed a series of Services and Income reports documenting the operations and best practices of the NAHB-affiliated network of 850 local and state associations, including trade show, home show, and convention practices; dues structures and services offered; staffing; and financial performance. Incorporated into marketing consulting and strategic planning for individual chapters.

Building Codes Initiative. Conducted NAHB Codes and Technology Research assessing quality of code-related services. (1993)

Membership Marketing Research Support. Performed three-stage support for membership marketing efforts:

1) Reporting and communication system organizing pledges and new member input for National Membership Day (an annual event responsible for 5,000+ new members).

2) Extensive surveys among participants, administrators, and membership chairpersons; review and restructure of the "Spike Club" (an organized member-get-a-member volunteer management and tracking system responsible for 25,000+ new members annually).

3) Semi-annual panels and reports from exit surveys documenting key areas and issues of concern driving attrition.

Internet Service Pre-Launch Research. Conducted feasibility study for Build-Net, a proposed early system for delivering home plans online. Included in-depth analysis of users of NAHB-net bulletin board service. (1991)

Executive Officers Research Program. Conducted several key studies for the Executive Officers Council, the NAHB subsidiary serving all volunteer and paid staff leaders of local and state affiliated organizations. Studies included compensation survey, and study of educational needs that resulted in redesigned products and services, and redefinition of relationships and marketing with this key audience.

Member Services Center Business Plan. Conducted the research, internal relationships, and developed business plan for the Member Services Center, a new system for responding to member inquiries. Included development of widely-disseminated directories, staffing, and a product information system supporting a new staff of eight customer service representatives providing product and industry information.

Readership/Viewer Surveys. Conducted readership survey and content analysis for Land Development magazine. Conducted readership research and creative review of Builders Video Network, a system of distributed videotapes for regional and local meetings, and for conference center and hotel broadcasts at national conferences.

Sales and Marketing Council Research. Provided marketing support for Sales and Marketing Council, a 10,000-member professional association within the NAHB trade association structure. Included needs assessment, readership studies for Monthly Marketing Ideas magazine, and extensive reviews and re-branding of Maxsel Awards recognition program and Super Bowl Sales Rally annual networking event.

Financial Benchmarking Publications. Conducted and published benchmarking accounting studies for key audiences, including the Builders Profit and Loss and Remodelers Cost of Doing Business.

Software Evaluation Research Program. Conducted software sufficiency analysis with Coopers and Lybrand for over 15 titles, culminating in a stand-alone book "Remodelers Guide to Software."

Building Automation Subsidiary Marketing/Forecasting. Worked with Smart House, LLP. subsidiary corporation to estimate rates of consumer product adoption, and to establish a nationwide launch plan for a home automation product and special wiring system to be installed during new home construction.

Member Census Program. Converted demographic data collection and member records administration (170,000 company records from 800 autonomous local associations) into a consolidated Member Census program including automated data collection and reporting.

Local Association Custom Studies. Conducted series of needs assessments for more than 25 autonomous local associations and compiled this data into a benchmarking database for membership satisfaction, providing individual association clients with a basis for scorecarding and evaluating the success of their programs and identifying potential problem areas

Local Association Marketing Pilot Projects. Also conducted the following key specialty marketing projects to facilitate the development of best practices, using builder associations as test markets to pilot national-level programs through innovative practices.

Builders Show Research and Marketing Program Redesign. Conducted research to evaluate and redesign the marketing of the Builders Show, a trade show and educational forum drawing approximately 55,000 attendees annually. Conducted focus group in nine locations nationwide, 300 telephone interviews, mail surveys to executive officers of local associations, and syndication of membership surveys conducted for local associations to provide unbiased views of member needs. Made final presentation to Convention Committee, leading NAHB to make first time attendance free and boosting attendance by over 10,000 in subsequent years. (April 1993)

NAHB Remodelers Show Launch and Revision Plan. Conducted research to provide services to remodelers, a small market for NAHB until we developed the Remodelers Show, an event that grew within three years to have 14,000 attendees and boost membership by 300% from a small base. (Mid-1990)


National Assn of Recording Merchandisers, Marlton NJ

Conducted extensive environmental scan and marketing/communications analysis (2001)


National Association of Recording Merchandisers

Marketing and Communications Audit. Conducted extensive marketing overview including review of all communications materials, publications, industry and member research, with an overview of future technological developments. Established basis for strategic planning and review to develop new brand, name for association, and expanded sales and marketing plans to ensure organization covers a progressively larger share of their total market. (January 2001)

Needs Assessment Survey. Developed and analyzed an extensive needs assessment reviewing membership attitudes including all primary and associate members, varying levels of association executives, to guide strategic marketing task force. (April 2001)


National Association of Social Workers, Washington DC

Conducted fundraising program analysis and conducted membership survey as part of pilots customer satisfaction program (2005)


National Athletic Trainers Association, Dallas TX

Conducted analysis of Medicare regulations on member services and practice models (2009)


National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare, Rockville MD

Conducted organizational assessment to determine possible dissolution of individual membership category (2007)


National Federation for Paralegal Associations, Edmonds WA

Conducted compensation and benefits study for professional society (2007)


National Flea Market Association, Dallas TX

Conducted assessment of potential non-dues revenue program creation and management (2007)


National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, Alexandria VA

Conducted needs assessment survey for active members (2007)


National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI), Vienna VA

Service Provider Survey. Conduct online survey of associate and counselor members. (September 2005)


National Ornamental and Miscellaneous Metals Association, McDonough, GA

·          Conducted extensive ergonomics literature search and/or primary research for code-making bodies regarding the probable role and liability of railings in child falls and death (2006)

·          Conducted associate and regular member surveys and conducted two membership acquisition campaigns (2006-2007)


National Parking Association, Washington DC

Conducting two annual Parking In America Studies documenting cost of doing business, revenue, and pricing rates for parking facilities in North America (2009-2010)


National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Arlington VA

Conducted systematic analysis of Rural Electrification Magazine subscription/circulation model with marketing and publishing recommendations (2009)


National School Supply and Equipment Association (NSSEA), Silver Spring, MD

Conducted focus groups to evaluate conference quality and future changes (2009)


National Spa and Pool Institute (NSPI), Alexandria VA

Membership, Subscriber, Customer Analysis and Marketing Survey. Conduct membership survey. Review of complete data including re-analysis of historical data, substantial analysis and linkages of past transactional database of several million records to provide insight in review of new programs, identify new markets, prioritize of member strengths, and develop of new strategies to crack key audiences such as smaller operators, and to increase sales within spa/pool dealer chains. (January 1997)


New Jersey Business & Industry Association, Trenton NJ

Conducted three annual health insurance cost studies among New Jersey employers, conducted two annual business outlook studies, conducted systematic analysis of web traffic and guided redesign with a two step survey process (2008-2010)


New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants, New York NY

Conducted educational need assessment for the Foundation of Accounting Education (FAE) among member and nonmembers in New York State (2007)


Odyssey Networks/FaithStreams, New York NY

Conducted focus group and personal interview in support of media organizations new web services initiative and conducted focus groups for new mobile based services (2009-2010)

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