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We have outlined a range of our past projects to give you a sense for the range of our services. Call us anytime to discuss your project and we will often share the learnings to the extent possible.  

Airline Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

FBO Marketing Plan. Developed Fixed Base Operators (FBO) Rebate Plan, an extensive marketing strategy for serving the network of aeronautical service providers serving air bases, a critical new business to business market for AOPA. Drawing on past research, government data, file analysis of AOPA transactions, interviews and other qualitative research, developed a branding plan for serving these entities as an important new constituency, and as a marketing channel for AOPA to their traditional audience of small-craft pilots. (October 1996)

Affinity Program Marketing Plan. Detailed marketing analysis and marketing recommendations for FlightPlus insurance and Legal Services programs. (December 1996)


Air Safety Foundation

Fundraising Program Review. Conducted review of the fundraising, finances, and programming provided by this group. Using historical data and advanced statistical techniques, developed a review and growth plan, including audience segmentation, up-sell models, new creative messages, and proposed new staffing for this large educational foundation. Presentation persuaded AOPA CEO to implement substantial changes to the entity. (August 1996)


American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington DC

Conducting three surveys of recent, former, and never attendees for 2010 AAAS Annual Meeting. (2010)


American Association of Medical Transcriptionists (AAMT)

Focus Group Reports. Analyzed focus groups made up of current and former members. Identified suggestions intended to improve the perceived value to the member segment. (November 2003)


American College of Rheumatology, Atlanta GA

Conducted study (survey and focus groups) among physicians measuring the public awareness and needs for future PR on behalf of rheumatologists. (2010)

Conducted readership surveys for two academic journals including measuring readership among members/subscribers and author/submitters. (2009)

Conducted Member Census to collect demographic data and assess satisfaction and general needs among all members. (2007)

Conducted educational needs assessment survey (2008)

Analyzed data collected and tabulated by staff for ARHP, membership section representing allied health professionals. (2009)


American Congress of Surveying and Mapping, Gaithersburg MD

Performed analysis of Congress’s membership. Conducted operational survey of state surveyor associations. Conducted surveys among active and former members of four affiliated associations. (2009-2010)


American Council on International Personnel (ACIP)

Immigration Visa Marketing Plan. Conducted extensive marketing assessment for organization serving to recruit and facilitate the immigration of qualified international labor with specialized skills. Services included extensive assessment of competition, current placement, corporate demanders of work visa immigrants, analysis of existing INS practices and case law, and recommendations for reorganization and growth.


American Helicopter Society (AHS)

Membership Needs Assessment. Conducted online needs assessment as part of a five-association Membership Satisfaction Benchmarking Group consortium, designed to ensure direct comparability of usage, satisfaction, perceived value and other key metrics across professional societies. (November 2005)


American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Reston VA

Conducted marketing and communications audit (2005)


American Land Title Association, Washington DC

Conducted member and nonmember surveys (2007)


American Law Institute, Philadelphia PA

Conducted extensive interviews and surveys of members and nonmembers for membership audit and evaluation (2008)


American Legion Auxiliary, Indianapolis IN

Conducted membership mailings to solicit donations as part of a two year fundraising program (2006-2008)


American Mental Health Counselors of America, Alexandria, VA

Managed membership acquisition program for four years, conducted two membership surveys: a diversity survey and a clinical practices survey, and managed their conference promotions for two years (2005-2009)


American Osteopathic Association, Chicago IL

Spoken at state affiliates leadership retreat, conducted operation survey of state and specialty affiliates, conducted survey and interviews among elected leader and staff of affiliates (2007)


American Short Line & Regional Railroad Assn. (ASLRRA)

Dues Equity Study and Communications Plan. Analyzed dues structure for trade association primary and associate membership. Conducted online research to measure familiarity and satisfaction with member services, communications and perceived value by member segment. Facilitated Board discussions to set final new dues structure (October 2005)

Worked with board to analyze and restructure their membership dues (2005)


American Society for Training and Development (ASTD)

Information Center Research Series. Conducted studies and traffic analyses for inbound inquiries and on-site attendee surveys. (1988-90).


American Society of Appraisers (ASA)

Internal Membership Marketing System. Analyzed and develop a full marketing system for an organization including in-depth analysis of existing database, in-depth assessment of national and chapter membership, development of new marketing materials, implementation of an eight-step direct marketing campaign, implementation of new internal business processes, and creation of a member-get-a-member system. (March 1997).


American Society of Appraisers, Herndon VA

Managed their membership acquisition and conducted a survey (1998-1999)


American Society of Association Executives, Washington DC

Conducted a survey regarding corporate social responsibility (2007)

Survey regarding industry consolidation in trade associations (2000)


American Society of Clinical Oncologists, Alexandria VA

Spoke at their national conference of volunteer leaders (2008)


American Society of Electroneurodiagnostic Technicians, St. Louis MO

Conducted their compensation and benefits survey (2007)


American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), Bethesda MD

Drug Information Marketing Plan and Implementation. All marketing related to the American Hospital Formulary Service (AHFS), a subscription based print and electronic drug information product serving 45,000 health care professionals and generating more than $5 million in annual revenue. Conducted quantitative assessments with lapsed subscribers, new users, database analysis of existing and potential audiences, determining estimates of penetration, determining and prioritizing barriers to greater performance including price sensitivity, strengths relative to competition, changes in computer systems and greater use of centralized electronics in key acute care, group practice, and managed care settings.

Drug Information Marketing Implementation. Implementation included development of new marketing messages, design of collateral materials, identification of new audiences, targeting levels of effort to existing customer base, and managing strategic relationships with distributors and commercial data providers.

Member Section Launch Plan. Conducted extensive research to launch the creation of two new distinct membership groups within ASHP, the Section of Clinical Specialists and Section of Home Health Practitioners. Sections had their own standalone membership processes, recruitment, and unique services. Launched an annual home health care conference to support one event, with extensive pre-marketing, assessment, development of prospect lists, and identification of key programming issues and member benefits.

Managed Care Penetration Plan. In preparation of launching a service division focused on managed care pharmacists, developed database of managed care organizations, linking them to current membership records, to analyze membership penetration and develop an integrated marketing communications program to develop membership in key, growing area and to thwart competition from managed care pharmacy groups.

Journal Assessment and Marketing Plan. Conducted readership survey and content analysis for American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy including analysis of renaming (to 'Health-System Pharmacy"), content analysis, and examination of sales approach that generated $2.5 million in annual advertising revenue

Annual Survey of Pharmacy in Acute Care Settings. Developed annual system of data collection for the state of practice of acute care pharmacists. Integrated detailed analysis of institutional level practices, structure, and available resources into existing transactional databases to guide new direct mail and telemarketing campaigns.

Conference Surveys and Marketing Programs. Conducted extensive review and marketing plan for the two key conferences, the Annual Meeting (prestigious meeting drawing approximately 4,000) and the Midyear Clinical Meeting (educational forum drawing 15,000). Plans included segmentation, copy points, and radical changes in how association promoted these events to increase registration and reduce costs. Developed and conducted meeting attendee evaluations to measure success/failure and refine subsequent years' plan.


AORN (Association of periOperative Nurses), Denver CO

Conducted extensive market analysis of ambulatory care sector for AORN membership and products (2002)


Apex Digital Systems, Silver Spring MD

Marketing and Business Plan Development. Sought to evaluate past offerings/client engagements to identify new opportunities for business development and gradual expansion of project work. Developed an appropriate business plan. (July 2005)


Association for Childhood Education International, Olney MD

Conducted two surveys of current and former members (2005-2007)


Association of American Railroads (AAR), Washington DC

Associate Member Program Analysis. Developed strategic program review of associate member benefits and possible future structural changes that will increase participation and membership. (July 2005)


Association of Corporate Counsel, Washington DC

Conducted extensive qualitative interviews, member and nonmember domestic/international surveys (2010)


Automotive Oil Change Association (AOCA), Dallas, Texas

Conducted analysis of learning styles and education needs for trade association (2006)


Atlantic List Company

Corporate Marketing Plan. Conducted executive interviews and a detailed environmental scan to identify key areas of potential improvement in operations and business development. (June 2005)


BIASC Builders Show, Diamond Bar CA

Conducted marketing audit and post attendee surveys for large regional trade show and exhibition (1993-1996)


Building Industry Assn. (BIA) of Central Ohio, Columbus OH

Working with Columbus Ohio market to measure consumer attitudes through telemarketing studies regarding attitudes and preferences for sharing burden of development expenses and infrastructure development (1993)


Building Industry Show of Southern California

BIS Show Research and Marketing Plans. Worked with large regional chain ($3MM budget, 20 staff) to enhance and refurbish their regional trade show, developing and analyzing surveys of attendees, exhibitors, and members, reviewing financial performance and making recommendations regarding format, timing, and marketing to help association convey new messages, increase attendance, and grow financially. (1991-1993)


Building Industry Consulting Service International, Tampa FL

Analyzed focus group results (2006)


California Society of Association Executives, Sacramento CA

Performed three major surveys of member and nonmembers concerning general needs, educational preferences and practices, and communications as part of a data driven decision making initiative. Conducted member interviews and gave multiple presentations to board and education program attendees (2008-2010)


Canadian Tourism Commission, Arlington VA

Conducted panel survey among members of six professional and trade association to determine appeal of forty-five possible convention locations in North America


Cancer Recovery Foundation

Donor Database Integration. Developed a single donor database and analytical system by combining numerous donor files from various vendors into a single large file of donors and transactions with more than one million total records. Converted to a standard donor management system. (May 2005)

Performed data integration for conversion to new donor manager system (2006)


Catholic Relief Services, Baltimore MD

Performed six months of transition consulting for high volume direct response fundraising program included staff coaching, copyright and design review, strategy, and vendor screening (2005)


Certification Board of Perioperative Nursing, Denver CO

Performed analysis of certified nurses (2003)


Council for Urban Economic Development (CUED), Washington DC

CUED Sponsor/Associate Development Research and Plan. Analysis of relationships between current stakeholders, members, and leaders to describe the relationship of CUED to its sponsor/exhibitor/associate member base, identifying new growth strategies and a 12-month implementation plan to achieve these goals. (January 2000)


Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards, Fairfax VA

Conducted first survey in organization history of current and prospective candidates and certificate in North America (2008)


Covenant House, New York NY

Statistical Model Applications. Oversaw statistical modeling program through Amergent, identifying national distribution patterns of donors and guiding copywriting/message development. (June 2005)


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